TDK unveils prototype solid-state battery with 20 times the energy density of closest competitor

TDK unveils a solid-state battery with 20 times the energy density of the closest competitor, potentially revolutionizing small devices and EVs.

: TDK introduced a prototype solid-state battery with an energy density of 1,000 Wh/l, 20 times higher than its closest competitor. This new technology could power smaller devices like smartwatches and eventually extend the range of electric vehicles. Although promising, scaling for larger applications remains a challenge.

TDK has revealed a breakthrough in solid-state battery technology, achieving an energy density of 1,000 watt-hours per liter, 20 times greater than the nearest competitor. These all-ceramic batteries could significantly enhance the performance and storage capacity of small devices, such as wireless headphones and smartwatches.

While the new batteries are ideal for small electronics, their fragility poses challenges for larger applications like smartphones and electric vehicles. TDK plans to ship samples next year, and as an Apple supplier, the Apple Watch might be among the first to benefit from this technology.

Scaling this technology for larger devices remains a significant hurdle due to mechanical fragility and production difficulties. Even though Japanese car manufacturers like Toyota are optimistic about solid-state batteries, skepticism persists regarding their feasibility for electric vehicles.