Tesla’s Model Y ‘Juniper’ redesign might come soon

Tesla's Model Y 'Juniper' redesign was spotted in California, hinting at an update similar to the Model 3's recent changes, including a new front camera.

: A 'Juniper' Tesla Model Y was seen in California with covered bumpers and a new front camera. This redesign might echo the updates seen in the Model 3. The Model Y could follow with internal and external tweaks like the removal of steering stalks.

A 'Juniper' Tesla Model Y was recently seen under wraps in California, sparking speculation of an impending redesign. The vehicle featured covered front and rear bumpers and a front-mounted camera for enhanced parking assistance.

Last year, the Model 3 underwent a similar refresh that included new bumpers, squinty headlights, and an interior overhaul with a dashboard RGB strip and ventilated seats. The Model Y might mirror these updates, potentially removing traditional steering stalks like other Tesla models.

The Model Y, last year's global bestselling car, is the last Tesla model to have steering stalks. If the Juniper redesign follows the Model 3, it could also incorporate new features and design elements, aiming to enhance user experience and maintain design consistency across Tesla's lineup.