The iPad and Blackmagic's Micro Color Panel make strange bedfellows

The iPad and Blackmagic's Micro Color Panel, costing $508, offer precise color correction tools but are not a perfect match for mobile use.

: Blackmagic Design’s DaVinci Resolve Studio for iPad offers professional-grade color correction tools but faces usability challenges on mobile devices. The $509 Micro Color Panel provides tactile control for colorists, yet its bulkiness makes it less practical for portable use. For now, it’s better suited for desktop environments, with potential improvements expected as new iPad models are introduced.

Blackmagic Design’s DaVinci Resolve Studio has been gaining traction, particularly as users rebel against Adobe’s subscription model. The studio version of DaVinci Resolve costs $300, and the introduction of an iPad version in late 2022 aimed to offer a more mobile editing solution, though it lacked effects and audio apps found in the desktop version.

In 2024, Blackmagic introduced the $509 Micro Color Panel, designed to deliver precise color correction controls similar to those used by professional Hollywood colorists. Although the panel can pair with an iPad via Bluetooth, its bulk and the clumsy touch-based interface of the iPad version of DaVinci Resolve limit its practicality for mobile use.

The panel exhibits high-quality construction and functionality, featuring controls for black levels, contrast, and overall brightness. However, its main appeal lies in its use with desktop systems, despite being marketed as an iPad accessory. Future improvements in iPad hardware and DaVinci Resolve's software might enhance the viability of this combination for mobile editors.