The latest MacBook Pro beats my high-end PC for content creation

Engadget's Steve Dent finds the MacBook Pro M3 better for content creation than his high-end desktop PC due to its performance, efficiency, and portability.

: Steve Dent from Engadget finds the new MacBook Pro M3 surpasses his high-end PC for content creation. Its performance, battery life, and portability are superior. He highlights significant improvements in video editing without rendering delays.

Steve Dent, a long-time PC user and video editor at Engadget, decided to switch to a MacBook Pro M3 after his Gigabyte Aero 15X broke down. He found the MacBook superior in performance for video editing. The M3 Pro chip allowed smooth playback and editing of high-resolution video files without rendering, an issue he faced with his high-spec desktop PC.

While the MacBook Pro M3 outperformed his desktop in specific tasks, benchmarks showed that his PC had better scores for overall video editing, thanks to its faster GPU. However, in practical scenarios, the ease of editing without pre-rendering and the overall user experience made the MacBook Pro a better tool for Dent’s video editing needs.

Dent also appreciated the MacBook’s efficiency, noting its quieter operation, better heat management, and longer battery life compared to Windows laptops. The MacBook’s high performance even when unplugged and its lighter weight made it more suitable for on-the-go content creation. Despite some minor dislikes, such as the webcam notch, Dent concluded that the MacBook Pro 16 M3 is ideal for traveling content creators.