The makers of Palworld have formed a new company in partnership with Sony

Palworld creator Pocketpair partners with Sony for global expansion via Palworld Entertainment.

: Pocketpair and Sony Music Entertainment have established a new venture called Palworld Entertainment, Inc. The partnership aims to accelerate Palworld's global development and expand its merchandise offerings. Initial merchandise will debut at Bilibili World 2024 in Shanghai, China.

Pocketpair, the developer of the highly successful game Palworld, has joined forces with Sony Music Entertainment to form a new company named Palworld Entertainment, Inc. This joint venture, which also includes Aniplex, Inc., aims to accelerate the multifaceted global development of Palworld and expand its intellectual property.

Palworld Entertainment will handle licensing operations for Palworld, focusing on both domestic and international markets. The initiative will kick off with exclusive merchandise based on the game, scheduled to debut at Bilibili World 2024 in Shanghai, China, in two days.

The game Palworld has seen remarkable success, selling over a million copies within eight hours and accumulating over 25 million players in its first month. Interestingly, despite its clear influence from Pokémon, The Pokémon Company has refrained from legal action, possibly to avoid alienating fans or due to parody and fair use protections.