The next next thing in AI and AR

The Vergecast covers major shifts in AI and AR, including Meta's focus on smart glasses, Apple's cheaper headset, and new developments in AI companies.

: Meta is shifting focus from VR to smart glasses, while Apple eyes a cheaper AR headset. New AI companies and tools are emerging, showing the evolving landscape. Key topics also include new tech gadgets, and AI tensions with creators.

Meta is reportedly shifting its focus away from VR and its Oculus business to capitalize on the popularity of its Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses. Apple, on the other hand, is allegedly aiming to develop a cheaper Vision headset instead of a successor to the Vision Pro, indicating a significant shift in AR/VR strategies within Silicon Valley.

Apart from AR and VR, the episode dives into notable advancements in laptops and processor technologies. Framework's new laptop featuring a unique processor and Qualcomm's newly available laptop processors were discussed, highlighting the potential implications for the broader tech industry.

In the domain of AI, big developments were explored, such as Ilya Sutskever starting a new AI company without a specific business plan but with grand ambitions. The discussion also touched on the growing tension between creators and AI companies, the emergence of new AI models, and the implications of AI tools copying IP from established entities like Disney.