The Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses get video calling, Apple Music, and a new style

Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses now feature video calling, Apple Music, and new Skyler style frames.

: Meta announced updates for the Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses, introducing a new cat-eye frame style called the Skyler, video calling capabilities through WhatsApp and Messenger, and an integration with Apple Music. Additionally, a multimodal AI assistant feature has been rolled out to users in the US and Canada, offering functionalities like identifying plant species and translating signs. The glasses also introduce new color options for existing Wayfarer and Headliner models and a low-bridge fit for the Headliner model.

Meta's Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses are receiving significant updates that enhance their functionality and style. The company's CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, unveiled a new cat-eye frame style known as the Skyler through an Instagram reel, as well as the introduction of a video calling feature that allows users to connect via WhatsApp and Messenger. The integration with Apple Music, discovered in the Meta View app, lets users control music playback hands-free, offering a seamless listening experience. These updates not only enhance the glasses' technical capabilities but also expand their appeal with new color options for the existing Wayfarer and Headliner models, the latter of which now comes with a low-bridge fit option.

The addition of a multimodal AI assistant to the Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses marks a significant advancement in wearable tech, offering users interactive features like identifying plant species, generating Instagram captions, and translating signs in foreign languages. This AI assistant, which has moved from early access to being available to all users in the US and Canada, represents Meta's commitment to integrating cutting-edge technology into everyday wearables. The AI's capabilities demonstrate a move towards more interactive and responsive wearable devices, blurring the lines between technology and fashion.

Overall, the updates to the Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses signify Meta's ongoing efforts to innovate within the wearable tech space. By adding video calling, Apple Music compatibility, and an advanced AI assistant to their feature set, alongside introducing new styles and fit options, Meta is positioning the Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses as a premium option for tech-savvy consumers looking for a blend of style and functionality. These advancements not only cater to the evolving needs of users but also showcase the potential for wearables to become a more integral part of our digital lives.