This $1,900 laptop ditches the physical display for a pair of AR glasses

Sightful's $1,900 Spacetop G1 laptop uses AR glasses instead of a screen.

: The Spacetop G1, priced at $1,900, removes the traditional display for AR glasses, creating a virtual workspace. It features a Snapdragon 8cx chip, 16GB RAM, and custom SpaceOS. Aimed at enhancing productivity, it's available for pre-order with expected delivery in October 2024.

Sightful has launched a pioneering laptop called the Spacetop G1 which completely eliminates the physical display, opting instead for augmented reality (AR) glasses that project a 100-inch virtual workspace. This innovative approach is part of a broader movement to transcend traditional tech limitations, offering users a more immersive and expansive digital environment. The laptop base includes standard features like a 79-key keyboard and USB-C ports, while the top holds the AR glasses, which are integral to the device's function.

The AR glasses feature dual 1925 x 1080 OLED displays and a 90Hz refresh rate, fostering a dynamic interaction with a vast screen space, although with a limited 50-degree field of view. SpaceOS, a custom operating system designed specifically for this spatial computing interface, supports AR navigation with specific gestures tailored to work seamlessly with the glasses. This setup not only promises to enhance user productivity but also reshapes the classic computing experience by integrating advanced AR technology directly into everyday workflows.

Underneath, the Spacetop G1 is equipped with robust hardware including a Snapdragon 8cx Gen 3 chip, 16GB of RAM, and 128GB of storage, balanced with practical features like a 60Wh battery supporting up to 8 hours of usage and fast charging capabilities. As an added benefit, the magnesium alloy body of the laptop has been strengthened, providing greater durability and safety for the encased AR glasses. Sightful is taking pre-orders for this futuristic device, seeking to attract customers ready to embrace a new era of mobile computing that leverages augmented reality for a borderless digital experience.