"This Isn't Just Yars, It's A Love Letter To Atari" - How WayForward Is Breaking The Mould With 'Yars Rising'

WayForward is developing Yars Rising, transforming the classic arcade into a Metroidvania with new elements.

: WayForward collaborates with Atari to develop 'Yars Rising', turning the classic arcade shooter into a Metroidvania game. The game features Emi Kimura, a hacker who integrates classic Yars gameplay into her hacking activities. The development respects Atari's legacy with Easter Eggs and tributes, while innovating with new mechanics and extensive voice-acted narratives.

WayForward, known for developing games like Contra and Silent Hill, has partnered with Atari to create a new entry in the Yars series named 'Yars Rising'. This new game diverges from its roots as an arcade shooter, introducing a Metroidvania format featuring Emi Kimura, a hacker who faces challenges that reminisce the classic Yars gameplay. The game integrates this by making classic Yars' gameplay a significant part of the hacking mechanics, which Emi uses to progress in a futuristic setting.

The developers crafted 'Yars Rising' with fresh gameplay elements while maintaining homage to the original. Beyond injecting classic gameplay into new settings, the game is enriched with Easter Eggs and references to Atari's historical IPs, designed to appeal to both new players and fans of the original Yars' Revenge. WayForward has emphasized creating a unique atmosphere through advanced sound design, voice acting, and a dynamic soundtrack featuring international artists, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

Atari's CEO, Wade Rosen, discusses how the collaboration with Wayforward was intentional to blend traditional elements with innovative gameplay to attract both old fans and new audiences. The game aims to function as a love letter to Atari while introducing elements that cater to contemporary gaming tastes. The integration of the classic with the new aims to rejuvenate the franchise, ensuring it appeals to a broad audience while respecting its roots.