This Lego Apple Store design submission is pitch-perfect

A new Lego Apple Store design by Legotruman is seeking votes to become an official set.

: Legotruman, a prolific Lego designer, has submitted a new design for a Lego Apple Store that captures the iconic Apple retail aesthetic. This follows his past successful submissions like Lego Starry Night and a variety of other projects. The design needs 10,000 votes to be considered for production by Lego under their Lego Ideas program.

A new Lego Apple Store design has been submitted to the Lego Ideas platform by Legotruman, known for his previous creative Lego projects such as Lego Starry Night. This design beautifully encapsulates the sleek, modern look associated with Apple's retail outlets, featuring glass façades, neatly arranged tables with Lego Macs and iPhones, and iconic minimalist shelving. The detailed design captures the essence of the Apple Store experience in a compact Lego format, inviting enthusiasts to support it to reach 10,000 votes required for Lego's possible manufacturing approval.

The creator behind this design, Legotruman, hails from Hong Kong and has had several successful submissions for themed sets, including ones inspired by Gundam and Studio Ghibli's 'Spirited Away'. Collaborating with 2A2A, who won a Disney-themed Lego challenge, Legotruman hopes to gain similar acclaim and success with this Apple Store concept through the Lego Ideas program. However, the feasibility of this becoming an official Lego set hinges not only on public support but also on licensing arrangements with Apple, known for its stringent control over brand representation.

Aside from this latest venture, Legotruder_modes Truman has contributed multiple unique designs that reflect popular culture and classic art, some of which have not progressed due to licensing or conceptual concerns by Lego. Despite these challenges, the Lego community continues to rally behind imaginative and bold designs, pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved with these small plastic bricks. The success of this Apple Store project will depend largely on fan votes and Lego's assessment of its potential as an engaging and marketable product.