Threads finally launches its API for developers

Meta launched an API for Threads, enabling developers to build and enhance experiences, publish posts, manage replies, and access analytics.

: Meta has released the Threads API, allowing developers to create experiences and manage posts. The API offers tools for content and reply management, as well as analytics. It comes amidst challenges faced by third-party developers with other social networks.

Meta announced the launch of its long-awaited API for Threads, allowing developers to build experiences around the social network. Mark Zuckerberg confirmed the widespread availability of the API, which will soon be accessible to more users.

Threads engineer Jesse Chen elaborated that the new API enables developers to publish posts, fetch their own content, and manage replies. Developers can also access analytics including views, likes, replies, reposts, and quotes.

Initially announced in October 2023, the API was tested in a closed beta with partners such as Sprinklr and Hootsuite. Now widely available, it marks a significant step as other social networks like Twitter and Reddit have restricted API access, while Threads continues to integrate with the fediverse for greater developer opportunities.