TikTok is testing a new option to upload 60-minute videos, YouTube style

TikTok is testing a new feature allowing 60-minute video uploads, potentially competing with YouTube.

: TikTok is experimenting with an option for users to upload videos up to 60 minutes long, potentially rivaling YouTube. This shift aims to cater to content creators and media companies. Legal challenges in the US and Europe remain for the platform.

TikTok, initially designed for short, quick video clips, is now testing a new feature that allows users to upload videos up to 60 minutes in length. Social media consultant Matt Navarra first noticed this change, and it was later confirmed by TechCrunch. This move seems to be TikTok's attempt to compete with YouTube, which has long been dominant for longer video content. With this new feature, TikTok aims to attract more creators and offer a platform for different types of content such as cooking demonstrations, beauty tutorials, and educational lessons.

In its early days, TikTok allowed only 15-second videos; this time limit has gradually increased to accommodate more elaborate content. Extending the video length to 60 minutes allows TikTok to become a more appealing choice for creators who were previously limited by the shorter formats. This new feature could also pave the way for media companies and networks to make episodic content directly available on the platform, simplifying the viewing experience for users who currently have to watch promotional episodes in multiple parts.

Despite these promising developments, TikTok faces significant legal challenges in both the US and Europe. Authorities in these regions have been pressuring TikTok and even considering banning the app. As Steve Wozniak pointed out, the scrutiny on TikTok might be seen as hypocritical given that other social platforms also engage in user tracking. Nonetheless, TikTok's ability to implement the 60-minute video feature successfully will depend on how it navigates these legal obstacles.