TikTok is testing AI-generated search results

TikTok tests AI-generated search results, including a 'search highlights' feature.

: TikTok is experimenting with AI-generated search results and a 'search highlights' feature to enhance user searches. The AI results, powered by ChatGPT, appear at the top of the search results page for certain queries. This move reflects TikTok's effort to cater to its users' propensity to treat the app as a search engine, especially among younger demographics.

TikTok is exploring new frontiers in search functionality within its app by testing AI-generated search results and a feature called 'search highlights.' These AI results, generated by ChatGPT, are displayed prominently at the top of some search results pages, visible when they are deemed relevant to the user's query. By clicking on these AI-generated snippets, users are directed to a full-screen page with more detailed information on topics ranging from recipes to technology product recommendations. This innovation aims to refine and personalize the search experience on TikTok, making it more efficient and tailored to individual interests.

The introduction of 'search highlights' alongside AI-generated responses denotes TikTok's ambition to become more than just a video-sharing platform. Although it is not explicitly stated whether 'search highlights' are AI-generated or compiled from other sources, this feature aligns with TikTok's broader strategy to enrich content discoverability. By integrating various external links and previously initiating tests to include Google Search results directly within TikTok, the platform is evidently broadening its utility and appeal as a go-to information resource, especially for its younger user base.

TikTok's pivot towards leveraging AI for search queries signals a significant shift in how the platform envisions content engagement and discovery. By catering to its users, who increasingly rely on TikTok over traditional search engines for recommendations and information, the platform is redefining its role in the digital ecosystem. These developments suggest TikTok's potential evolution into a comprehensive multimedia search engine, characterized by a blend of creator content, AI-powered suggestions, and consolidated links to external knowledge sources.