Transhumanist author predicts artificial super-intelligence, immortality, and the Singularity by 2045

Ray Kurzweil predicts AI with human-level intelligence by 2029, merging with humans by 2045, fostering immortality and a global automated economy.

: Ray Kurzweil anticipates that AI will attain human-level intelligence by 2029 and that humans will merge with AI by 2045. This technological singularity will potentially lead to immortality and a significantly automated global economy. Despite potential job losses, Kurzweil foresees new opportunities and a universal basic income to ease transitions.

Ray Kurzweil, a computer scientist and AI enthusiast, has forecasted that artificial intelligence will achieve human-level capabilities by 2029. He asserts that the merging of humans and AI, known as the singularity, will occur by 2045, which will revolutionize human intelligence and societal structures.

Kurzweil envisions advancements such as brain-computer interfaces and the use of nanobots to enhance human intelligence exponentially. He believes these changes will lead to a combination of natural and cybernetic intelligence, allowing humans to create unprecedented innovations and potentially achieve immortality.

While acknowledging that AI will transform society and result in job displacement, Kurzweil predicts the emergence of new job opportunities and the implementation of a universal basic income to support individuals. He envisions a future where AI technology not only extends human life but may also resurrect the dead through AI avatars and virtual reality.