Uber will pay you $1,000 to ditch your car for five weeks

Uber offers $1,000 to 175 participants in the US and Canada to give up their cars for five weeks starting July 22nd.

: Uber is launching the One Less Car trial, offering $1,000 to 175 participants in the US and Canada to stop using their cars for five weeks. Participants will receive Uber credits and other transportation vouchers. This initiative aims to showcase the costs of car ownership and its impact on urban living.

Uber has announced the One Less Car trial, targeting 175 participants across several cities in the US and Canada to give up their cars for five weeks in exchange for $1,000 in travel credits. The trial will run from July 22nd to August 25th, with 30 people from each selected city receiving $500 in Uber Cash, a $200 voucher for car rentals or carshares, and $300 for other transportation modes like public transit.

To participate, individuals must meet certain criteria, including being over 18, having a driver's license, and using their vehicle more than three times per week. Uber is modeling this trial after a successful 2023 experiment in Australia, aiming to highlight the financial and environmental costs of personal car ownership.

Participants are required to document their mobility habits during the control period and can only use Uber Cash for Uber rides or Lime bike and scooter trips. The initiative seeks to encourage a 'car-light' lifestyle and explore alternative transportation methods. According to Adam Gromis, Uber aims to save money, reduce emissions, and ease traffic congestion through this research.