Upcoming Apple iPad models hinted in code leak, including a new iPad Mini and M5 Pro sporting model

New Apple iPad models may be released soon, including an iPad Mini and M5 Pro model, possibly by 2025, as evidenced by a recent code leak.

: Recent code leaks suggest Apple will release new iPad models, including an iPad Mini and an M5 Pro model. The M5 Pro could feature the advanced M5 chip. These models might be unveiled either in October or sometime in 2025.

Recent backend code leaks have indicated that Apple is planning to release several new iPad models, including a new iPad Mini and an iPad Pro potentially featuring the advanced M5 chip. This leak was discovered by Nicolás Álvarez and shared on X by Aaronp613, raising anticipation among tech enthusiasts.

Interestingly, the code reveals some confusion, such as an iPad Pro with an older M3 chip, which suggests some models might have been scrapped. Additionally, the code hints at identifiers like iPad15,7 and iPad16,2, suggesting these could be WiFi-only and WiFi with cellular models respectively.

Rumors indicate that Apple aims to refresh the entire iPad lineup, including the possibility of the 11th-generation iPad and the 7th-generation iPad Mini sporting A16 and A17 chips respectively. While these new models could be announced in October, there is also speculation they might only be available by 2025, aligning with anticipated launch timelines for the M5 chip.