Upgrade Your Monitor, Not Your GPU

Upgrade your monitor, not your GPU, for better gaming visuals and performance, emphasizes Tim Schiesser with key insights into display technology benefits.

: Tim Schiesser argues that upgrading a gaming monitor can provide a better gaming experience than upgrading a GPU. He highlights improvements in resolution, refresh rates, and HDR without needing powerful hardware. Schiesser gives examples of affordable monitors and their enhancements over older models.

Tim Schiesser argues that gamers should prioritize upgrading their monitors rather than their GPUs for a better gaming experience. He explains that most gamers are using outdated monitors and that newer displays offer significant improvements in resolution, refresh rates, and features like HDR without the need for powerful hardware.

Schiesser backs up his claim by referencing the Steam Hardware Survey and discussing the benefits of moving from 1080p 60Hz monitors to 1440p 144Hz or higher. He also touches upon how modern monitors have better response times, color quality, and viewing angles, which enhance the overall gaming experience even with existing hardware.

He provides several examples of monitor upgrades across various budget ranges, illustrating how affordable and beneficial these improvements can be. He concludes by saying that the current monitor market offers the best value and advancements, making it a smarter investment than expensive GPU upgrades.