Vivo Watch GT With 10-Day Battery Life, eSIM Support Launched In China

Vivo Watch GT launched in China featuring a 10-day battery life and eSIM support.

: The Vivo Watch GT has been released in China with advanced features including a 10-day battery life and eSIM support for making calls without a smartphone. It features health tracking such as heart rate monitoring, SpO2, sleep tracking, and sports modes with a coaching feature. The watch is priced at approximately $123 for the leather strap variant and $110 for the rubber strap.

Vivo has expanded its smartwatch portfolio with the launch of the Vivo Watch GT in China, characterized by significant enhancements in design and functionality. This new model boasts a square dial with a matte aluminum alloy frame and a stainless steel crown, complemented by a 1.85-inch display. It supports various health and fitness tracking features such as heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen saturation (SpO2), sleep tracking, menstrual cycle monitoring, and over 100 sports modes with detailed coaching sessions. Importantly, the watch introduces a noise detection feature that prompts users to move to quieter environments to protect their hearing.

The Vivo Watch GT operates on BlueOS and includes innovative features like AI Shorthand and AI Smart Window, enhancing user interaction by enabling voice commands for generating watch faces and displaying updates about flights, trains, and other services directly on the watch face. Additionally, it supports NFC for payments and quick access through QR codes. The device claims a battery life of up to 21 days in standby mode and 10 days under typical usage, thanks to its 505mAh battery. This extended battery life coupled with eSIM technology allows users to make calls directly from their wrist without needing a phone, emphasizing the watch's utility for busy, active users.

With an aggressive pricing strategy, the Vivo Watch GT is offered in two variants: one with a leather strap costing approximately $123 and another with a rubber strap priced around $110. This release not only bolsters Vivo's presence in the smartwatch market but also caters to the increasing demand for wearable fitness and health monitors. With its blend of style, functionality, and affordability, the Vivo Watch GT is poised to compete well in the global market, particularly appealing to tech-savvy consumers seeking a blend of traditional watch aesthetics and modern smart features.