What went wrong at BeReal, and what comes next

BeReal, acquired by Voodoo for €500M, faced financial challenges despite 40M users. Yazdi aims to integrate it into Voodoo's app portfolio.

: BeReal, a social network with 40 million users, was acquired by Voodoo due to financial constraints. Voodoo's CEO, Alexandre Yazdi, had been interested in BeReal's growth from the start. The acquisition will help integrate BeReal into Voodoo's extensive app portfolio.

BeReal, one of the few social networks founded in the last decade to achieve significant scale, was recently acquired by Voodoo for €500 million. Despite having 40 million users, BeReal faced financial challenges with its venture capital funding running out, leading to the need for an acquisition.

Voodoo, a prominent mobile app publisher, had been tracking BeReal's rapid growth from the outset. Alexandre Yazdi, CEO of Voodoo, saw potential in BeReal and was eager to add it to his company's portfolio when the acquisition opportunity arose.

This acquisition marks a significant development in the tech industry, highlighting the financial difficulties even successful startups can face. BeReal's integration into Voodoo is expected to leverage the strengths of both companies, potentially leading to new innovations and growth opportunities.