Xiaomi launches Mijia Smart Waist Massager with dual-function lumbar support and dual-sided heating

Xiaomi launches Mijia Smart Waist Massager offering dual-sided heating and lumbar support.

: Xiaomi has introduced the Mijia Smart Waist Massager, which features dual-function lumbar support and heating on both sides. The device can be controlled via the Mi Home App and offers various massage functions to relieve lumbar pain. It is priced at approximately $70 and is available for pre-sale on Xiaomi YoupIn.

Xiaomi's new product, the Mijia Smart Waist Massager, is specifically designed to alleviate back pain and enhance comfort during use. It integrates advanced features such as dual-sided heating which allows temperature adjustments independently on each side, catering to different needs whether for warming the body or targeted lumbar massage. Equipped with three heat settings, the massager provides flexibility in comfort levels. It also boasts 20 built-in massage balls that offer a three-dimensional massage experience, simulating human finger pressure which varies between light and intense to effectively relieve muscle stiffness and fatigue.

The smart device is not only functional but also user-friendly, incorporating memory foam and a curved lumbar support surface that ensures comfort even when the massage function is off. For convenience, it features NFC for quick pairing with Xiaomi's Mi Home App, allowing access to 10 preset modes that cater to various needs such as relaxation and vitality. Additionally, users can create up to three custom modes that can be operated offline. These features make the Mijia Massager a versatile tool for daily relaxation and pain relief.

Marketed at 499 yuan (about $70), the Xiaomi Mijia Smart Waist Massager is accessible in terms of price point, making relief from back pain more available to a wider audience. The massager can be booked starting May 25th with sales opening shortly after on Xiaomi Youpin platform. It stands as a testament to Xiaomi's expanding portfolio in smart home and health gadgets, emphasizing both innovation and affordability in the growing health tech sector.