YC alum Fluently’s AI-powered English coach attracts $2M seed round

Fluently, an AI-powered English coach by Stan Beliaev and Yurii Rebryk, secures $2M seed funding with its unique call feedback and AI practice sessions.

: AI-powered English coach, Fluently, created by Stan Beliaev and Yurii Rebryk, secured $2M in seed funding. The tool records real-life calls and offers AI-based feedback, including practice sessions with virtual coaches Ryan and Kyle. Fluently aims to improve understandability and is prioritizing privacy and platform availability.

Fluently, an AI-powered English coach developed by Stan Beliaev and Yurii Rebryk, has successfully raised $2 million in seed funding. The platform entered Y Combinator's winter 2024 batch, with support from Pioneer Fund, SID Venture Partners, and individual angels, by focusing on the niche market of 84 million non-native employees in English-speaking environments.

Fluently differentiates itself by recording and transcribing users’ real-life calls, as well as offering AI practice sessions with virtual coaches, Ryan and Kyle. The aim is to enhance understandability by improving pronunciation, grammar, pace, and vocabulary, rather than just accent.

Despite being in its beta stage with some technical challenges, Fluently assures users of privacy through local storage and data encryption. The next goals include expanding its platform beyond MacOS, hiring another team member, and gearing up for marketing efforts.