YouTube’s updated eraser tool removes copyrighted music without impacting other audio

YouTube's new tool removes copyrighted music from videos without affecting other audio, using an AI-powered algorithm.

: YouTube updated its Erase Song tool, allowing creators to remove copyrighted music without disturbing other audio elements in their videos. Neal Mohan announced the update, highlighting its AI-powered precision. Creators have alternative options if the tool doesn't work perfectly.

YouTube introduced a refined Erase Song tool on July 4, enabling creators to remove copyrighted music from their videos while preserving other audio components like dialogues and sound effects. Neal Mohan, YouTube's chief, promoted the tool on X, emphasizing its user-friendly approach to handle copyright claims efficiently.

The tool employs an AI-powered algorithm designed to detect and excise copyrighted songs accurately. Despite its advanced features, YouTube cautions that the algorithm may occasionally struggle to isolate the music, advising creators to use other methods like muting all sounds in the affected segments or trimming them out entirely.

Upon successful editing, YouTube will remove the content ID claims associated with the video, allowing creators to avoid penalties for using copyrighted material. This update comes as part of YouTube's ongoing efforts to enhance the platform's usability for content creators, underscoring their commitment to innovation and support for creative endeavors.