Zelda & Jazz: it really works

Explores the intersection of Zelda and jazz through The Deku Trio's album, recounting personal jazz experiences and reflecting on jazz's cultural significance.

: Christian Donlan reflects on the synergy of Zelda music and jazz through The Deku Trio's latest album. The narrative dives into nostalgic jazz scenes experienced with a friend named Ray and draws parallels with the musical innovation in Zelda. The album rekindles memories and aligns the freewheeling spirit of both jazz and Zelda.

Christian Donlan reflects on his late friend Ray’s love for jazz, transporting him back to 1950s Brighton where jazz thrived underground. This nostalgia is reignited upon discovering The Deku Trio’s album, 'Zelda & Jazz,' which features jazz renditions of Koji Kondo's classic Zelda compositions. It evokes the freewheeling, exploratory essence of both jazz and Zelda’s music, aligning with memories of Ray and historic jazz experiences.

The album, accessible on Spotify, introduces forward-leaning arrangements of Zelda’s music, reminding Donlan of the fragmented, improvisational spirit found in both genres. He also recalls a jazz show in London witnessing Dr. Lonnie Smith, emphasizing his initial bewilderment and eventual thrill of discovering jazz nuances in public spaces. This mirrors the exploratory playstyle of Zelda games, where unpredictable paths and discoveries are integral.

Further, Donlan shares personal anecdotes about synaesthesia and the sensory dimensions of music, linking it with Ralph Ellison’s depiction of a hidden, light-filled jazz haven in 'Invisible Man'. He relates this to Zelda’s layered worlds and Sun Ra’s endless creativity, reflecting on the boundless beauty and expertise both jazz and Zelda offer. Ultimately, the combination of Zelda and jazz opens a unique exploration of place and music.