Zuckerberg disses closed-source AI competitors as trying to ‘create God’

Meta CEO Zuckerberg criticizes closed-source AI efforts and highlights future tech trends, including AI avatars and smart glasses development.

: In a recent interview, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg argued against the concept of a single, centralized AI created by closed-source competitors, likening it to 'creating God.' He emphasized the importance of diverse AIs to cater to various interests and announced early tests of Meta's AI Studio software in the U.S. Additionally, Zuckerberg discussed the progress of Meta's smart glasses and the potential future convergence with full holographic displays.

In an interview with Kane Sutter published Thursday, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg criticized competitors for creating closed-source AIs, comparing their efforts to 'creating God.' He advocated for the value of open-source AI to democratize access and reflect diverse interests among users.

Zuckerberg announced early tests of Meta's AI Studio software in the U.S., which will enable creators to build AI avatars to interact via Instagram's messaging system. He also lamented Meta's failed negotiations with Apple to integrate its AIs into their operating systems, attributing Apple's decision to concerns over Meta's privacy practices.

Discussing future trends, Zuckerberg highlighted the development of Meta's Ray-Ban smart glasses and projected different stages before achieving full holographic displays. He suggested wearable technology, like wristbands that pick up brain signals, could partially replace smartphones but noted that phones would not become obsolete, just used less frequently for specific tasks.